The Candlestick Maker is right at the top of his game. His diary is full of appointments with top designers around the country who want him to make their candlesticks.

But his business has a bottleneck: him! There is only one of him, and he can only design so many candlesticks a day. How can we help?

Our candlestick maker needs to go into a new market: the candlestick design software market.

  • Using DATACORP we would create a custom piece of software that allows other designers around the world to create their own unique candlestick designs.
  • From a pallette of shapes and components they create what they think is the most stylish candlestick ever created. Then, with the click of a button, they can request a quote for the making of it from our candlestick maker.
  • The software hands off to our candlestick maker the patterns for the design, from which he can get one of his making team to provide the cost.

Now it is our candlestick maker that is drinking cocktails by candlelight from his own villa in the Maldeves, while his business carries on growing and making more and more candlesticks.

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