The butcher has just opened his first shop. He has decided he wants

  • A Website
  • A way of telling his customers information about his wares. The problem is he doesn't want to keep reminding his staff about this every time.

We would do two things for him.

  • He would make use of our simple, cost effective way of getting a small business on-line: DATAWEB
  • Using the process outlined in DATACORP we would create him a custom database system, where he can quickly and easily type in those extra details ("yeah ... this is particularly good for barbecuing") that gives him the edge on the competition.
  • We would then have a part of the software that prints this information out in just the right size to go on the back of the price tag. Now, all his staff have to do is pick up the price tag and they are ready to amaze the customers with their personal touch.
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