The Baker is doing well, and his business is expanding. He want to open a new shop in the next town, and start a delivery service from both locations.

To support his grand business schemes we would:

  • Using DATACORP we would develop a system that uses a central database but is accessible from any location, allowing the baker to keep a check on the performance of all the shops in his growing empire.
  • Create a system that made sure an address for delivery was being handled by the nearest shop. It will ensure that the bakers in each location knew exactly what they had to bake for delivery, and ensure the drivers had complete and accurate dispatch notes for their rounds.
  • As his company grew we could take advantage of DATASTREAM to create an e-commerce website, from which his delivery customers can order their baked goods online, freeing up the baker's telephone so he can use it to add more shops to his empire.
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